This blog has been set up to record the restoration of Ashgrove, which was devastated by fire in August 2007.
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Thursday, 19 March 2009

On the tiles!

A few more shots showing roof progress.

The roofer is silhouetted against the sky this afternoon as he fixes the final ridge tile, and we are now (we hope!) watertight. The four Velux roof lights are in, and diagonally opposite are the two with the electric control panels hanging down pending wiring up. Most of the roof insulation panelling is now in position.

External views show how the window frames abut the steelwork which will then be covered externally by shaped bridging wooden fillets.

I am disappointed that Dave has apparently conceded that he cannot improve on my sliding window system (despite 41 years of progress!) and has built the surrounding framework for the wall panelling accordingly.

With access to the new room now possible for us outside working hours we have been contemplating the most advantageous type and disposition of furniture to make the best use of the extra space and the views etc.

Decisions -- decisions -- decisions ------------ if you know what I mean!!


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