This blog has been set up to record the restoration of Ashgrove, which was devastated by fire in August 2007.
Please add comments of encouragement (or even suggestions for the colour of the walls, carpets, tiles, furniture....!!)

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

ACTION - At last

Builder (Andy) on site as promised.

Two likely lads with him, starting to clear the debris into a very large skip.

Watch this space!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Restoration about to start - at last!

Six months after the fire, work is due to begin next Tuesday on the restoration of ashgrove.

We are expecting the work to take up to six months, and hope to keep this blog as a record of the restoration.

It's just amazing how much rubbish you collect over 40 years in a big house like Ashgrove, and most of it was damaged by smoke. So, although we have been able to salvage some things, a lot has been left.

On Tuesday the first task will see the house cleared of everything that is left. I wonder how many skips will be needed.